Thursday, 9 February 2017

High tide


The town of Tenby is split into a north and south beach. The yellow sands stretch a far a the eye can see almost drawled by the towering cliffs that the town sits on. Even the holiday brochures highlight the magnificent beaches.

It was with high expectations that we took our locally made pasties to that wonderful beach. Which seemed everso slighlty over crowded. It was high tide at Tenby and the beach had all but disappeared. We found a very small place to sit and eat lunch as the hundred odd steps back to the top of the cliffs seemed like an incredibly long journey.

A sketch of the steps that I did after lunch, listening to two medical students discussing their morning...


Bottle top glasses


There is nothing like fish and chip when you are on holiday. Saudersfoot has 2 marvellous establishments and we found ourselves waiting forever in the main one on the harbour front. This led to some serious people watching.

The main person serving had the biggest glasses that I have ever seen, and I lived through the eighties. Along with this she has an eye watering squint and the ability to see into next week. I lost my train of thought several times as I tried to stare into her eyes and realised I was having to look through my ear.

The old woman serving in the back ground was mainly holding boxes while a shirted man shovelled chips in rapid fire. It was a well oiled machine with orders flying into the restaurant and to the take away point. Pity then that our order had been forgotten and we sat and waited for theee quarters of an hour.

I'm sure this was revenge by the squinty-eye girl who found my staring quite obnoxious.

Walk to Saundersfoot


Wet Wales, that was what I was told to expect. We packed warm clothes and summer outfit. I the end we spent the week in t-shirts and shorts. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Our plans to explore the green countryside vanished as we spent the week walking along the old tramway coastal path from Wisemans Bridge to Saundersfoot.

The most spectacular part of the journey was a walk through two man made tunnels carved through the cliffs. It was dark and damp but the temperature was wonderfully low and a great escape from the scorching hot summer sun.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Coast restaurant, Wales


Coast restaurant wales
Coast restaurant Wales

The price of a good meal is up for much debate. I think in Wales we took the price of a good meal to a new height.

head chef Will Holland sent out a pre-starter carrot drink and from that point on we knew the food was going to be extraordinary.

Sam ate a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, which he ate with our starter and proudly finished before us.

Our mains arrived and were promptly finished before desert or the 'to finish' part of the menu was devoured.

all in all it was a fabulous feast sitting in front of an amazing view of the beach.

As it turned out the price of a good meal is more than the price of our weekly shop at £120. But worth every penny.

Coast restaurant and coppet beach



Sunday, 14 August 2016

Paper planes


Paper planes sketch

Oscar and his little brother were frequent visitors to our cabin.

To stop them reengineering Sam's Lego and because we had started origami in the evening - I made three paper planes for racing across the room. I mean where is the danger?

Chaos quickly ensued as the first plane landed in the lampshade. The competition soon changed to who could land the plane in the lampshade.

Swiftly followed by, 'oops my plane has landed in the washing up bowl...and it now flies like a brick.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Polka dots


Being lost for words is not something of which I suffer, but while Debs was off buying ice cream - lost for words was how I was...

Walking up the beach at first I thought 'how very daring a young woman deciding to brave the elements and throw caution to the wind, perhaps a bit of skinny dipping.

Sadly the closer the woman got, and the more curious I got , the truth became more scary.

The woman who had looked young, became old. The caution to the wind became a rather small pair of flesh toned polka dot bikini bottoms. Swiftly followed by the heavey pounding of gigantic chubby legs.

However she seemed happy.


Friday, 15 July 2016

Sue's Pantry


We walked almost everyday from Heritage Park to Saundersfoot, a fair few miles.


Sue's Pantry is a picturesque shop whose window is laden with cakes of every colour.


It was with great expectation that we brought 3 cakes, 2 iced muffins and a super sized carrot cake slice. Carefully these cakes were transported back to our cabin, in cased in a paper bag atop Samuel's beach bucket, (later we found out for 20pence you could buy a plastic box to protect the muffins).


The cabin was hot so while the kettle was boiling the cakes were placed in the fridge. This story doesn't have a happy ending by the way.


When it was time to eat the cakes we found the order had been muddled and there was only 1 cup cake...Debs' cake had been forgotten. This explained the reasonable prices.


We checked our order on all subsequent visits to Sue's Pantry, as it's no good walking off a cake if you can't eat it, later!